Caterpillar Tent


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I want to see this larger, Daniel! Looks magical - you must have had one of the kids (Sebastian, I'll guess) shine a flashlight from the other side? Very cool! Although I hate those things....I must say!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Thanks, Debi! I know that you are enjoying the beach! I would be, too!

The sun was setting behind this, so that is why it is so strongly back lit. I took this photo with my camera phone and uploaded it straight to the blog from there. I didn't know that it would only upload a small rendition of it. I have replaced that with the original.

It is great to hear from you! I hope that you are yours are all well!

Anonymous said...

Very nice...I'm glad you've got a shot of it!

Jan's Travel and Tours said... had capture it perfectly!