Our New Nature Book for Kids

Early in 2009, as my kids were bringing me bugs, frogs, snakes, and other animals to identify, I decided to begin taking high resolution photos of each critter to keep a record of each animal caught. Toward the beginning of winter of that year I was astounded by the variety of the critters that they had caught.

Look at What I Caught! Critters Caught by Kids has over 70 photographs of the critters that the kids caught over that year as well as a few from 2008. If you have a child or grandchild that has a love for backyard critters, then this book is for them. It is available in both soft cover and hard cover. The price is $19.95 for the soft cover and $29.95 for hard cover.

Critters Caught by...
By Danel Spurgeon


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!! Only an autographed copy will do!!!!!!!!!! Expect an e-mail soon!!!!!!


Eve said...

Thank you so much for sending Morgan an autographed copy of your beautiful book "Look What I Caught!" and the sweet thing you said to her. Expect a hand written note very soon. We absolutly LOVE your book and were thrilled to see critters we've found and have yet to see. Your children must be so proud to have helped create such a masterpiece...WAY TO GO SPURGEON KIDS!!! I will recommend your book to all my critter lovin friends!!