Scenes from Cypress Creek

My 11 year old son, Sebastian, and I kayaked and camped a night along Cypress Creek on July 14-15th.  We just slept on the ground out in the open- the stars were beautiful.  I was able to show him the Scorpio constellation for the first time.  We also learned that small fish like to sleep near the shoreline.  We were able to catch a catfish hatchling as well as a couple of mudpuppies.  Sebastian was thrilled with each catch- he had been searching for mudpuppies for the past 3 years.

Heading Out about 8:00pm

Sleeping out in the open

Red Bellied Sunfish (Lepomis auritus)

Spider Flower (Cleome)


Eve said...

What fun guys!! But what about mosquitos?? You didn't get any pictures of them!!! Was the cleome growing wild??
I'm glad you had good weather for the trip. I think it was good...did you have any rain.
Sorry about all the questions!!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hi Daniel (and Sebastian!)! I'm rather envious of Sebastian's experience - camping out with my folks was such fun at that age. GREAT photos and FANTASTIC bonding event. Camping totally rocks. Glad he finally found the mudpuppy - photos are, as always, amazing!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Hi Eve and Debi- as always thank you for taking the time for visiting my blog and also for your kind comments!

There were a few mosquitoes on our trip- but very few- which was really nice. However, I did walk around in some tall grassy places along the shore- and I got plenty of chiggers- which are very uncool- and are worse then mosquitoes in my opinion.

The Cleome grows wild along Cypress Creek. There are a lot of Cleome plants in that area. they are really pretty.

The weather was perfect- no rain- not too hot or too cold- and the humidity was actually low for a change- so we had a very clear view of the stars.

It was a great trip- but we were tired the next day! The highlight of the trip for both of us was being able to catch the baby catfish, mudpuppy, and the American Toad. That was the first American Toad that I had seen.

I hope ya'll are having a great day!