Dickcissel (Spiza americana)

Photo taken on 6/20/2009 at Key Cave National Wildlife Refuge which is located near Florence, AL


aristide said...

nice bird

Eve said...

I have not see a Dickcissel yet Daniel! I'm glad you posted this. I will have to listen for him when I go to my mailbox! I heard a Bobwhite down there a week or so ago. Didn't get to see him tho!
Great photo. Hey it would be fun if you, Debi, me and all the kids could meet at a park sometime and do a nature hike! Morgan is 11, are yours around that age? She is totally into birds and bugs and loves your blog. She found a Fowler's Toad, loved his peanuty smell and named him Jerry. He lives in our garden now under a bucket house!! hahaha!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Exquisite! Daniel...you win! Yeah, let's meet sometime this fall and take a trek together. That would be cool. Aristide...you'll have to come across the pond and go with us.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Hi Eve and Debi, I'm all for a field trip! It would be great to meet you and your family sometime. Morgan sounds like a real joy- I think that Jerry is a great name for a Toad! My I'll send Morgan a book of all of these portraits of the animals and insects that the kids are catching- I hope to send it to be printed once we have 40 different portraits. I think we are at 30 now. My 3 year old- Sascha- is helping me out now- she brought me 2 Snout Butterflies today- she gets really mad when she can't catch them- fortunately the Snouts are nice and usually just wind up landing on her. :) The kids have also caught at least 3 salamanders and a couple of kinds of frogs this summer. They like seeing their handiwork on the web. :)

Aristide- thanks for being a loyal reader and commenter! I would love to travel to Italy someday- that would be a great trip!