Monkey Snow

Monkey Snow? A name of a wildflower? Really?

That seems to be the case in regards to the Mexican Clover (a more "official" common name for this wildflower.)

In his December 30th, 2008 column of In the Know (Naples Daily News newspaper), columnist Tim Aten responded to a question that he was commonly receiving from his readers- the question was in regards to his readers' curiosity at the thousands of tiny white wildflowers that were dotting the lawns around Naples, Florida. Mr. Aten referred to this plant's common name of Monkey Snow. That seems like an appropriate name for a wildflower appearing in the depths of winter in Florida. It is also known as Florida Pusley.

The scientific name for this wildflower is Richardia scabra. Richardia is named after the English botanist Richard Richardson. Scabra is from the Latin word "scabr" meaning rough- thought to be in reference to the roughness of the stem.

Although this plant is now located throughout much of the Southeastern portion of the United States- it is an invasive- which simply means it is not a native wildflower. It was introduced from South America.